Anonymous unknown country

I have been living in depression for 20 years. My father has been abusing my mother and me since I was a little girl. My work used to comfort me a little, but during the quarantine, I had to endure daily yelling, and above all, I saw my neighbor today carrying a knife and threatening his wife. She was running away and screaming.

Anonymous From Lebanon

He knows that I will always return to him. I left the house and went to my family's house after my husband physically abused me and forbade me from eating but they refused to help me during the lockdown, even my younger brothers who were very close to me forced me to return to him. He knows that I will always return to him because I have no one to help or stop him.

Anonymous unknown country

I was physically abused by my mother since my early childhood, which caused a fracture in my limbs. This violence has transferred from my family to my husband. He physically abused me and threatened to kill me during the lockdown period, I ran away from the house, and now I am waiting for the justice of the law after all this torment.

Anonymous From Algeria

I’m from Algeria. My dad beats, threatens and blackmails me. I have to pay him to stay at his house. He doesn't work. When I go to the police or lawyers, they say that I can’t sue my dad. But by what right, people are enslaved by the consent of the stateا

Anonymous From Jordan

I am a Jordanian woman living in Kuwait. I experienced physical and mental violence from my family. I managed to escape from the house, but the embassy did not accept to help me because my residency was not expired and because they did not find any physical trace evidence, so they did not take me seriously. For the last two months, I depended on myself. All I need is to travel to Jordan. I have my own house there. The problem is that my father stole my passport.

Anonymous unknown country

I can’t find any solution to the problems and the psychological violence I expose every day. In their opinion, even eating and sleeping are some of my bad habits. I want to run away from my home, but where to go? I always hesitate because I'm afraid of the street and the violence out there. I want a solution.. help me.

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